• Michael Barden

    This coffee is just what you need before or after you wrestle an alligator or jump through a spinning wind turbine. Whether you are trying to thread a thumbnail hole or control slide in a blizzard, Chaos blend is just what you need. Take it for me, I'm not a doctor.

  • Random Florida Man



  • Anonymous

    Not today Satan

    It gives me the energy to ride the lightning down to hell, slap Satan in the face and yell "Not today Satan!!!!"

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About GrayStillPlays

When I was starting my YouTube channel there were a lot of late nights, sometimes I didn't even sleep. Coffee was one of the only things that helped me through the chaos of the first several months.

Now that I sleep, I have to find ways to create chaos and disorder myself to maintain my reputation as a Florida Man. That's why I decided to create Florida Man Coffee Co. and the Chaos Blend: I needed something to keep me wired while destroying inanimate objects in my backyard - but that wasn't enough. I wanted to make sure that everybody could get a little taste of the Florida Life no matter where you are.

Enjoy and remember Pour. Drink. YEET.

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Good Beans Only.

We're big on quality. Small batch roasted, right before shipping, highest quality beans, socially responsible sourcing. You can subscribe to Florida Man Coffee to save 10% OFF each order, and never run out of beans.

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In a world that requires significant enhancement and transformation, we are committed to donating a portion of every sale to support organizations dedicated to creating a positive impact. Our partners include World Central Kitchen, which provides meals in the aftermath of natural disasters, the Arbor Day Foundation, which plants a tree for each dollar contributed, and the Firespring Foundation, which empowers local nonprofits.